Two-dimensional bar code anti-counterfeiting technology

2022-09-15 | 82 view
Since two-dimensional bar code has incomparable advantages over ordinary one-dimensional bar code, it has been favored by the majority of users as soon as it comes out.


People daily see print barcode on commodity packaging, is a normal barcode, but because of one dimension barcode information capacity is small, such as commodity barcodes can only accommodate 13 digits, more information on the description of the goods can only rely on the support of the database, left the database is established beforehand, the barcode becomes a madrassa reflected, like, Therefore, the application scope of bar code is limited. Based on this reason, people are eager to invent a new bar code, in addition to the advantages of ordinary bar codes, at the same time has the advantages of large information capacity, high reliability, strong security, easy production, low cost. Two-dimensional bar codes, or "portable data files" for short, are designed to meet this need. Since two-dimensional bar code has incomparable advantages over ordinary one-dimensional bar code, it has been favored by the majority of users as soon as it comes out. It has large information capacity, high information density and strong coding ability. It can encode information such as photos, text, fingerprints, palmprint, voice and signature. It is easy to print, the cost is very low, error correction ability is strong, decoding reliability is high, and has a strong anti-counterfeiting ability. It is because 2D barcode can realize the two important functions of machine reading and anti-counterfeiting, so it is widely used in ID card, driving license, military card, voter card, social welfare card, passport, visa and other card systems.

2D barcode is a kind of portable data file with high density and high information content. It is an ideal means to realize automatic storage, carrying and reading of large-capacity and high-reliability information such as certificates and cards. It has the following characteristics:

Large information capacity

It can hold between 250 and 1,100 characters per square inch, depending on the bar space ratio. In the effective area of the international standard card (equivalent to 2/3 of the area of the credit card, about 76mm*25mm), it can hold 1848 alphabetic characters or 2729 numeric characters, about 500 Chinese characters information. The information capacity of this two-dimensional bar code is dozens of times higher than that of ordinary bar code.

Wide coding range

It can encode photos, fingerprints, palm prints, signatures, voices, text and other information that can be digitized.

Good confidentiality and anti-counterfeiting performance

With multiple anti-counterfeiting features, it can use password anti-counterfeiting, software encryption and the use of the contained information such as fingerprints, photos and other anti-counterfeiting, so it has a strong security anti-counterfeiting performance.

High decoding reliability

The decoding error rate of ordinary barcode is about two parts per million, while the bit error rate of two-dimensional barcode is less than one part per million. The decoding reliability is very high.

Strong ability to correct mistakes

The most advanced mathematical error correction theory in the world is adopted. If the damaged area is not more than 50%, the lost information of the barcode due to contamination and damage can be deciphered as usual.

Easy to make and very low cost

Using the existing lattice, laser, inkjet, thermal/thermal transfer printing, business card printing machine printing technology, can be printed on paper, card, PVC, even metal surface two-dimensional bar code. The added cost is only the cost of the ink, so two-dimensional bar codes are also known as "zero cost" technology.

The shape of the bar code symbol is variable

With the same amount of information, the shape of 2D barcode can be self-adjusted according to the carrier area and art design.