Application of bar code technology in production management

2022-09-21 | 15 view
Bar code technology production management is the basis of product bar code application, it establishes product identification code.


The production management of barcode technology is the basis for the application of product barcode, which establishes product identification code. During production, product identification code is used to monitor production, collect production test data, collect production quality inspection data, conduct product completion inspection, and establish product identification code and product file. Barcode management can be used to arrange production plans, monitor production and flow direction, and improve the offline qualification rate of products.

Specifically, barcode technology can be used for generation management in the following ways:

1) Formulate product identification code format—— Determine the coding rules of product identification code according to enterprise rules and industry rules to ensure that the product is regular and unique.

2) Establish product archives—— The product production is tracked on the production line through the product identification barcode, and the data of production parts and inspection are collected as product information. After the production batch plan is approved, a product file is created.

3) Control the production information through the information collection points on the production line.

4) Collect quality inspection data on the production line through product identification barcode, and determine whether the product is qualified based on the product quality standard, so as to control the flow direction of the product on the production line and whether the product file is established, and print the certificate of conformity.